Visual and Performing Arts

Our students composed their own Gregorian chants in music class. The process took several weeks of dedication. Students began by choosing a church mode to write their chant using the appropriate notes associated with that mode. They composed their chants in treble clef and transcribed them on paper. Each student chose to write a short phrase to be repeated as their lyrics or one phrase to encompass their lyrics.

Gregorian Chants, different from today, were always composed on 4 line staff. Today’s music, however, is composed on a 5 line staff. Because each student originally wrote their piece on a 5 line treble clef staff, the students were taught how to transpose their piece into Gregorian Chant Notation. This is not an easy skill. Transposing required students to look at the notes on their piece, figure out the correlation between that note and solfege, and then use that information to move their notes appropriately to the correct lines on the new staff. 

Check back soon for more information on visual and performing arts education at Connections.
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