Friends of CSA

Our students belong to a larger tribe of teenagers who are passionate about inclusivity, self-advocacy, and living life to the fullest! Friends of CSA was born out of our desire to bring together members of this Atlanta tribe for joyful experiences.

The Friends of CSA program offers its participants the opportunity to join the Connections classes on Fridays for outdoor education and community outings. These experiences include riding Marta and going out to lunch, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and other social learning activities. With this program, we strive to support the development of confidence and self-awareness, functional motor skills, and relationships based on interdependence.

Friends of CSA participants also join us for prom and other social events outside of school. When we ask our students what they value most in their lives and education, friendship is always at the top of their lists. Our Friends of CSA program has not only impacted teens in our community, but it has also greatly enriched the lives of our students by connecting them to members of their tribe they aren’t able to see every day. Fridays are more fun with our Friends of CSA!

Spots for the 2019-2020 program have been filled.

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